Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

We aim to provide practical, buildable structures tailored to suit the specific site, process and client requirements. We operate a 'no job too small' policy, however we are equally comfortable designing complex structures for multinational companies.

We enjoy working closely with clients, in both the public and private sector, be they; Architects, Contractors, Fabricators or DIY Enthusiasts and are able to tailor our design or level of help accordingly. 

There are often multiple structural solutions applicable for the same building; however we pride ourselves in providing the most economical solution for the client or giving various options for the client to decide from.  We also find that early structural design input can lead to a more efficient and aesthetic end design therefore we are happy to work closely with Architects in their design process too.

We use various computer based programs combined with hand calculations, using up to date design codes, to provide efficient designs and details that illustrate the important construction information.

When writing survey reports, many years of invaluable experience in examining both historic and more modern buildings, enables our engineers to advise with authority. A clear understanding of the reasons for deterioration in a structure can often assist in reducing the costs of remedial action.

Plandescil has a reputation for providing innovative solutions to engineering problems for both modern and historic buildings.

Structural Engineering Services:

  • Structural calculations for commercial, agricultural and domestic building design
  • Structural design using steel, stainless & concrete, timber, alloys and masonry
  • Maritime and hydraulic structures
  • Structural surveys and structural suitability surveys
  • Structural failure studies
  • Subsidence claims
  • 3D finite element analysis
  • Structural monitoring
  • Structural enhancement/remedial work
  • Historic building advice
  • 3D Revit structural design and modelling

Example Projects