Environmental Services


Phase 1 Contaminated Land Investigations

Plandescil is able to offer Phase 1 Desk Study Contamination Reports, the typical scope of the Phase 1 Desk Study includes the following:

  • A review of current and historical maps,
  • A review of geological, hydrological, and pollution data
  • Site visit/initial investigation comprising walkover and visual survey
  • Production of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) that assesses the potential sources receptors and pathways.
  • Undertaking a Preliminary Risk Assessment that identifies the risk from any pollution linkages within the CSM.

We have built up a good reputation and rapport with local regulatory bodies over the years. We can usually find a solution to most contamination queries.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Larger scale projects are required to provide Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) as part of their planning application procedure. An EIA looks at the affect development will have on the environment and covers such matters as traffic, noise, air pollution, ground contamination, hydrology, flood risk, ecology, archaeology and aesthetics.  

We are able to coordinate EIA applications and produce Environmental Statements based upon the findings of all of the expert input required to produce this technical document.  We also contribute external chapters to third party Environmental Statements.

Environmental Permit Applications

We are able to prepare documents and applications to for  Environmental Permits.

There is an increasing limit on the amount of water that is allowed to flow into rivers and the amount allowed to be abstracted. To discharge or abstract from a river requires the consent of the Environment Agency and/or Internal Drainage Boards. Plandescil is familiar with the application process and is able to apply on behalf of our clients.

Arboricultural Assessments & Soft Landscaping

Plandescil offer the preparation of Arboricultural Reports to meet the requirements of Local Authorities for planning applications in accordance with British Standard BS 5837:2012. The Arboricultural Report covers Tree Survey; Tree Schedule; Tree Constraints Plan incorporating Tree Protection Plan; Abroricultural Impact assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement.

Also, our RHS Award Winning Garden Designer can provide soft landscaping schemes for all types of landscape requirements. Management and Maintenance Plans for landscape projects also prepared. 

Environmental Services:

Desk Study (Phase 1)

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Permit Applications

Arboricultural Assessments