AD Plant, Kenninghall

AD Plant, Kenninghall

Plandescil were employed as the Structural and Civil Engineering Consultants and also took on the responsibility of the onsite construction management with the Client. The first phase of the project involved Plandescil designing the silage clamp storage arrangement, site levels, cut and fill balance analysis, surface and leachate drain design, access road and highway entrance design and concrete apron design. Through the initial phase of the project, Plandescil were responsible for discharge planning conditions and liaising with various governing bodies such as the County Council, Environment Agency, Highways Agency and Archaeology department. 

During the second phase of the construction works, Plandescil were responsible for the design of a liquid containment bund reinforcement wall, concrete vehicle access ramp, various mechanical and electrical equipment base slabs, services coordination, gas pipeline trenching design, pipe gantry and base design, storage lagoon design and Section 50 approvals.

Through the project, Plandescil were responsible for coordinating a number of external consultants and contractors which included the Principle Construction Contractor, Earthworks Contractors, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Provider, Geotechincal Engineers, Acoustic Engineers, Ecologists and Archaeologists. 

The Containment design was part of a design package by Plandescil using Concrete Canvas and was the first Anaerobic Digestion Plant in the UK to use the Material and the first with Environment Agency Sign-off for using the material as a Secondary Containment.


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Services Provided

Topographical Survey, Planning Permission, help with Legal Case, Silage Clamp Design, Drainage Design, Flood Risk Assessment, Phase 1 & 2 Contamination, Digestate Lagoon Design, Civil Engineering, Site Design, Containment Design, Site Management, Tender, Structural Design, Section 50, Section 106, Agricultural Design, Service Planning, Utilities Management, Management of External Consultants, Flood Mapping, Snagging, As-Built, EA Consultation, Innovative Technology