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At Plandescil, we're actively seeking motivated and skilled individuals to join our team and propel our business forward. We’re a future-oriented civil, structural, surveying, and environmental engineering company dedicated to solving real-world problems. Our goal is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our employees. We offer competitive compensation and a friendly work environment, alongside other exciting benefits, making Plandescil a company people can be proud to be a part of.

Become a Part of the Plandescil Family

Embrace Employee Ownership

In the modern business landscape, the traditional model of owners and employees is becoming outdated. That is why Plandescil now operates on an employee-owned system. When you join us, you're not just an employee - you're a valued contributor. Your input can influence the company's direction, fostering a collaborative and democratic work culture.

Experience Profit Sharing

After your first year with us, you'll become eligible for profit sharing, a portion of which is tax-free (up to £3,600). This creates an environment where everyone's success is interlinked, and your efforts to contribute to our success are always recognised and rewarded.

Enjoy Hybrid Working

We understand that not everybody’s life works in the same way and that inflexible working routines don’t help anybody. That’s why we have created a hybrid working policy that allows you to work from home two to three days a week. Our hybrid work policy promotes efficiency and reduces commuting time and our collective carbon footprint.

Employee Perks at Plandescil

Team Building and Volunteer Days

We understand the importance of a united team and community engagement. That's why we regularly host team-building days to enhance camaraderie and trust among our employees. We also encourage staff to give back to the community by providing volunteering days where you can engage in charitable work of your choice.

Generous Annual Leave

To prevent employee burnout, we provide generous annual leave allowances. You’ll start with 23 days of holiday plus public holidays, increasing to 28 days plus bank holidays over time.

Comprehensive Private Medical Insurance

Our private medical insurance package goes beyond the basics. Alongside standard coverage, you will also get dental, optical, GP, mental health services, and gym discounts. We believe a healthy employee is a happy employee.

Life Insurance and Professional Support

At Plandescil, we offer life insurance policies to all staff and reimburse professional subscription fees. Plus, we believe in supporting your career progression and professional development endeavours.

Career Development

We’ll support you in any way we can should you wish to undertake any professional development programmes (such as training courses or even studying for your Masters). Your career success is all part of building a better, stronger business.

Access to Company Vehicles and Cycle Scheme

Our company provides vehicles for any work-related travel. We also have a cycle scheme in place to promote a healthier and more environmentally friendly commute.

Discover our State-of-the-art Workspace (Coming soon)

We believe in creating a positive and healthy work environment. Our state-of-the-art workspace will feature cutting-edge IT equipment and is designed to promote collaboration and creativity. Comfortable breakout spaces and informal meeting areas create a balance of comfort and efficiency.

Ready to take the next step in your career with a forward-thinking, employee-centric company? Check out our available positions now, and take the first step towards becoming part of our dynamic team at Plandescil.