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We're excited to offer a unique trainee position as an Engineering Technician (Renewables) within the Renewables and Projects Team at Plandescil. This role promises career advancement within a rapidly growing sector of our company, tailored to the evolving strengths of the successful candidate.

Job Overview:

The position combines both site and office work, with a roughly 50/50 weekly split. It involves traveling and working alongside our existing team at renewables, waste, and composting sites throughout the UK. Our team conducts evaluations of existing structures, ensures compliance with environmental standards set by local and national authorities, and recommends risk mitigation measures and design solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drafting: Use AutoCAD software to draft drawings, either from site visits or to aid in planning applications and construction, including site layouts and detailed illustrations.
  • Reporting: Write comprehensive reports about site visit findings, compliance with government regulations, and industry insights, especially within the anaerobic digestion, waste, and composting sectors. Recommend remedial actions based on these findings.
  • Site Visits: Frequent site visits, at least once a week, within Norfolk and across the UK, with potential stays in locations as distant as Cornwall or Edinburgh. These visits may require overnight stays, sometimes extending to a week.
  • Surveys: Conduct various surveys including topographical, utilities, drainage, ground penetrating radar (GPR), measured, drone, and visual assessments.
  • Client Interaction: Regularly communicate with clients, whether in person, by phone, MS Teams calls, or email.
  • Team Collaboration: Work as part of a tight-knit renewables and projects team, collaborating on projects within the team, the broader company, and with external clients.
  • Ad-Hoc Assistance: Provide support within the team on diverse projects, assisting with drawing work or site visits as necessary.

This role is dynamic and will adapt as the employee flourishes at Plandescil. Comprehensive in-house training is provided, with additional external qualifications facilitated by the company when necessary. While no specific experience is necessary due to the specialised expertise of the role, candidates with engineering backgrounds or qualifications will be favoured.

Desired Qualities of the Ideal Candidate:

  • Punctual: Ensure timely arrivals for site jobs, which often demand early starts.
  • Confident: Capable of liaising with clients, consultants, and authorities both on-site and in the office.
  • Diligent: Prepared for extended workdays, managing substantial equipment in various weather conditions.
  • Team Player: Collaborates seamlessly with colleagues of diverse skill sets.
  • Flexible: Open to extended trips away from home, occasionally on short notice.
  • Organised: Manages site visits, equipment, travel logistics, and ensures adherence to project timelines.
  • Driving: While not required, the possession of a full UK driving license and/or ability to drive and is preferred for solo site visits or shared driving during long trips.

If this opportunity resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you, send us an email at PDC@plandescil.co.uk. Please note that there's no strict qualification prerequisite. Compensation packages will vary based on the applicant's background and experience. Graduates from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, though a degree in Civil Engineering is advantageous.