Site Setting-Out

Site Setting-Out Engineering

Whether it involves the setting-out of piles, drainage, access roads, steel frames, brickwork, lagoons, boundaries or any other engineered structure it is essential that you have professional, competent and reliable Civil Engineering setting-out support from day one.

Plandescil has a wealth of experience in Engineering setting-out, working on projects ranging from single dwellings to entire housing estates comprising upwards of one hundred houses, to the setting-out of some of the UK’s largest pre-fabricated mechanical plant at major Gas Terminals.

We are pleased to announce that due to an expanding workforce we are now able to commit our Engineers to a single project, for a pre-defined length of time.  This will provide our Clients’ with the predictability of cost from as early as the Tender stage, with no lost labour due to tasks being undertaken by Groundworkers/Tradesmen, and the peace of mind in having a qualified setting-out Engineer permanently on hand. 

Our Engineers will come equipped with modern Robotic Total Station and GNSS Equipment (with no additional hire cost being added).

Costs will vary slightly depending on the complexity of the project and the length of time that their services are required; e.g. days, weeks or months. Therefore, please contact us for a quote.

For further information please contact our Surveying Team on 01953 452001 or