Reservoir and Lagoon Design

Reservoir and Lagoon Design

Plandescil has a long history of designing lagoons and reservoirs, whether it be for Surface water, dirty water, irrigation or digestate lagoons, we have designed and detailed it.

Working from a Topographical Survey we use our in house modelling software to design a cut and fill balance, volume and freeboard calculations to achieve the ultimate design required by the client.

We have designs and details signed off and approved in varying soil conditions with the Environment Agency and panel engineers.

Once the design is complete and signed off we will return to site to set out the proposal and work with the designated contractor, and finally we offer as-built surveys for the client and regulatory authorities as required.


Many across the UK

Services Provided

Topographical Survey, Volumetric Calculations, Earthworks Calculations, Setting out Engineering, Environmental Agency Sign off, Panel Engineer Sign off, As-Built, Design Specifications.