Digestate Storage Lagoon, Woolverstone

Digestate Storage Lagoon, Woolverstone

Plandescil initially carried out a 3D aerial drone topographical survey, in-situ BRE Digest 365 permeability testing and desktop Flood Risk Assessment studies to ascertain the suitability of the proposed site in Woolverstone, Suffolk, for a Digestate Storage Lagoon to be installed.

The Client required a lagoon construction for storing liquid digestate, dirty water, storm water and slurries for spreading to the Clients land holding. The liquid digestate is a by-product which remains in the Anaerobic Digestion Plant once the feedstock has been digested in the plant. The liquid is pH neutral and is spread on the farm land as a fertiliser.

With many years of experience in undertaking various lagoon and infiltration pond projects, Plandescil adhered to the necessary environmental SSAFO and CIRIA C759 design requirements, receiving planning approval for the proposed geotechnical structure. Satisfying associated planning conditions, Plandescil proposed a landscaping scheme to minimise the visual impact of the lined lagoon. A compliant Highways design was prepared and approved by Suffolk County Council.

Using 3D design software and 3D point cloud data obtained from the aerial drone survey, the lagoon was modelled to the Clients storage capacity requirements and satisfying geotechnical design requirements, achieving a cut and fill balance approach, omitting the need for imported material.


Geoffrey Mayhew Farms Ltd

Services Provided

3D Aerial Drone Topographical Survey, Planning Application and Discharge of Conditions, Planning Drawings, Flood Risk Assessment, Volumetric Calculations, Earthworks Calculations, Environment Agency Sign off, As-Built Survey, Design Specifications, Highway Entrance Details, BRE Digest 365 Percolation Tests, Landscaping.

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