AD Plant, Isle of Sheppey

AD Plant, Isle of Sheppey

Succeeding the completion of the Chichester based Anaerobic Digestion Plant for our Client, Farm Renewables, Plandescil were appointed to fulfil the Civil Engineering Consultant role for a subsequent post-planning project located in Sheerness, Kent. The gas to grid facility was comprised of two secondary contained digesters, ancillary technology equipment, large digestate storage lagoon, silage clamps and a line storage pond.

Topographical and utility surveys were completed initially by Plandescil prior to commencement and frequent aerial drone surveys provided a record of on-site construction progression. Plandescil’s design scope covered the CIRIA C736 compliant reinforced containment structure, SSAFO and CIRIA C759 compliant silage clamps with leachate water drainage system, equipment foundations, access road, digestate storage lagoon, lined dirty water pond as well as reinforced concrete storage bunkers to British Standard and Eurocode requirements. Plandescil’s secondary containment bund CQA review further assisted Environment Agency sign off.

The site exhibited ground condition and level constraints from the outset, resultant of previous site activities. These were overcome through 3D earthworks modelling and specialist in-situ soil stabilisation solutions, allowing project completion within timescale commissioning limitations.

Plandescil worked alongside various companies throughout the project’s completion. These parties included the Client, Sheppey Energy Limited, owned by Farm Renewable; Civil Engineering Contractor, Carty O’Brien; Process Provider, BioConstruct as well as numerous sub-contractors and environmental specialists.


Sheppey Energy Limited, owned by Farm Renewables

Services Provided

Planning Condition Discharge, Topographical Survey, Utility Survey, Earthworks Modelling, Drainage Design, Civil Engineering Design and Management, Structural Design, Containment Bund Design, Silage Clamp Design, Digestate Lagoon Design, Permitting Consultation, Environment Agency Sign off